What is the 7th Man?

We in the pacific Northwest totally understand and get what the 12th man means for our beloved and supported Seattle Seahawks. It not only means additional support as the 12th player for fans of teams in eleven–side sports games; it means we are at all levels. It is the engagement of the fans to a whole other level that can actually be felt by numerous senses of the visiting teams. The Noise… the Visual displays of support and felt in the hearts and minds to wear their will……and to energize the home team and give them the advantage every game, every play and minute.


As a lifelong hockey fan and visiting hockey player to other teams buildings I experienced the home town noise, focus on every play and sharp attention every time I touch the puck. There were cities and fans that were extremely tough to play well in front of…you could not communicate with your teammates, the constant noise had worn me down.


This is the reason I wanted to continue the tradition of the 12th man to our newly awarded NHL Hockey Team (yet to be named) coming to our sports crazy city and create “The 7th Man” which we can take our new NHL team to a level that will deter the will of visiting opponents to our state of the art hockey arena and our amazing city. Let’s make this our thing, let’s show every visiting team what it feels like to experience ‘The 7th Man”. We can all take this to a new level. In fact we can create and become Hockey’s Loudest Fans!


Please join me in welcoming the NHL back to Seattle after nearly 100 years…… let’s show everyone what it means to experience “The 7th Man” when they play in our rink.